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April 26, 2015
AUCA Club is an organization that is part of the American University of Central Africa and plans to bring Equatorial Guinea’s youth various dynamic and fun activities.

Our Club aims to do social, cultural debates, training and educational activities, sports, crafts, parades, dancing and singing, among others. We are known as a unique club where boys and girls develop friendships while learning values and knowledge.

Activities vary constantly and are done once a month in different cities in Equatorial Guinea. More and more boys and girls want to join our AUCA Club, as they are constantly making new friends, enjoying unforgettable moments and having fun in a big way.

If you like to meet new people and have fun, you can be part of our AUCA Club.

To register just follow these steps:

1. Enter this Link

2. Fill in your details

3. Like our Facebook page and go to see the different activities announced.

4. We will contact you when our next activity is in your city.
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